Meet the Village

No one organization can do it all. That’s why we partner with a number of strategic organizations who are like-minded and committed to transforming our local community. A big thank you to all of our community partners for making our work possible!

Carrboro Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/Domain/10

Ephesus Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/EES

Estes Hills Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/EHES

Frank Porter Graham Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/FPG

Glenwood Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/GES

McDougle Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/MES

Morris Grove Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/MGES

Northside Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/NES

Rashkis Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/RES

Scroggs Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/MSES

Seawell Elementary: https://www.chccs.org/SES

We are CommunityWorx

We invite you to go behind the scenes with us and see how well community works when we’re all working together.

Meet our Partners: Skjaja Fund
Meet our Partners: Skjaja Fund From violin to volleyball, to tap dance and taekwondo, participating...
Meet our Partners: UNC Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media
We’re committed to building collaborative partnerships that serve as catalysts for equity, innovation, and empowerment in...
Meet our Partners: Triangle Bikeworks
Itza Salazar-Martinez was one of seven students who participated in Triangle Bikeworks' pilot program in...
CommunityWorx Partners with Musical Empowerment
CommunityWorx is proud to partner with Musical Empowerment, a nonprofit that provides free music lessons...

Employment Opportunities

If you’re looking to change the world, we’re looking for employees with big ideas, bright minds and an eagerness to grow professionally and personally.